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    Visitors Info

    Visiting Team Information

    Welcome to Murphey Candler Park. We are very excited to have you visiting our pool in the park. Below you will find some details of what to expect when your team comes for a swim meet.

    Meet Details:

    • Meet Start: 5:30 PM
    • Home Warm Up: 4:30 PM
    • Visiting Warmup: 5:00 PM
    • Officials meeting at 5:15 PM

    Team Manager:

    Anne Stevenson – [email protected] – 404-277-2844

    Our Coaches:

    Sam Veith - [email protected] – 404-834-1223

    Our Pool:

    • Murphey Candler Park Pool (4049 Candler Lake W NE, Atlanta, GA 30319)
    • 6 Lanes; 25 yards 
    • There are no starting blocks, due to pool's foundation.
    • 100 meter relay swimmers 2 & 4 will start in the water at the shallow end.


    • Payment Method: Cash, Venmo
    • Prices: $1 - $10 
    • Typical Food Options:
      • Water, Capri Sun, Gatorade
      • Cookies
      • Chips
      • Hamburgers, hot dogs


    We have a  parking lot by the pool as well as a parking lot 300 meters before the pool entrance. There will be designated spots for the Visiting Coach and Team Manager and Official in the front of the pool to the left. 


    Enter the pool, through the front gate. We do have some seating around the pool for spectators, you may want to bring a chair. The guest team will set up along the lane 6 side closest to the bath house. The home team is along lane 6 in the middle of the deck. It is a cement deck and if it is hot, you may want a tent.


    Be sure to bring $50 to pay your half of the official fee.


    We follow the league recommendations for volunteers in most cases. The league also recommends that you bring your own clipboards, stop watches, pens/pencils, etc. We do have plenty of these if you forget. We recommend you staff the following volunteers to fulfill the visiting team positions:

    Computer Operator (Should be trained and ideally bring their own computer)

    Master Recorder (one from each team for first and second half)

    Place Judge (one from each team is required)

    Ribbon Writer (with your ribbons, unless your team does this after the meet concludes)

    Timers ( 1 timer and 1 recorder for each lane. We ask for a total of 12 volunteers and break this up into 2 shifts with 2 volunteers per lane.)

    Deck Manager (To ensure you kids make it behind the correct blocks at the right time)

    Bullpen Manager – Bullpen is set up at the start end of the pool

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